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Learn SQL and become a master of data management! This course covers everything from table creation to advanced queries and optimizations. Join now and unlock the power of SQL for your data needs.

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It’s amazing how much you can accomplish with a basic knowledge of SQL. In this course we’ll learn how to store lots of information (many millions of things!) and answer nearly any question we might have about that information (on the order of milliseconds!)

We’ll learn enough to make you say you “know SQL” — table creation, inserts, selects, updates, deletes, aggregations, indexes, joins, and constraints. Along the way we’ll model real world problems so that you can see just how powerful SQL will make you!

If you’re interested in the Postgres client that is used in this course you can

to check it out and follow along.

Course Content

Create a Postgres Table

Insert Data into Postgres Tables

Filter Data in a Postgres Table with Query Statements

Update Data in Postgres

Delete Postgres Records

Group and Aggregate Data in Postgres

Sort Postgres Tables

Ensure Uniqueness in Postgres

Use Foreign Keys to Ensure Data Integrity in Postgres

Create Foreign Keys Across Multiple Fields in Postgres

Enforce Custom Logic with Check Constraints in Postgres

Speed Up Postgres Queries with Indexes

Find Intersecting Data with Postgres’ Inner Join

Select Distinct Data in Postgres

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    Get Started With PostgreSQL
    Get Started With PostgreSQL
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