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Learn how to build a video course platform using AWS Amplify Admin UI. Model database tables, add authentication, manage content, and deploy with ease. Enhance your React skills and utilize AWS Amplify’s powerful features. Start today!

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In this course, we’ll build a video course platform using the AWS Amplify Admin UI.

The Admin UI provides simple yet powerful tools to model database tables, add authentication and authorization, and manage app content, users, and groups. It also offers the ability to manage the application users and content.

The AWS Amplify Admin UI focuses on data types rather than backend infrastructure.

All the backend resources generate infrastructure as code (IaC) templates that can be committed in the team repository and integrated with AWS Amplify continuous deployment workflow to manage the different environments.

Before taking this course, you should have a basic understanding of React Hooks.

Course Content

Create a Database Schema using the Amplify Admin UI

Use an AWS Amplify DataStore Backend in a React Application

Deploy an AWS Amplify Backend

Add Authentication to an Amplify App

Use AWS Amplify to add Amazon S3 Static File Storage

Use the AWS Amplify Console to deploy a React App

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    Get Started with the AWS Amplify Admin UI
    Get Started with the AWS Amplify Admin UI
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