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This free course with Mohammed bin Rashid Centre for Government Innovation sheds light on the journey towards establishing an effective innovation lab

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Our world is now witnessing the biggest technological transformation in history. The ensuing reality now offers countless opportunities for growth, but equally poses threats and challenges to coping with the waves of change that transformation brings about.

Governments around the world now commit themselves to ambitions and a futuristic outlook, but few are able to turn their visions into realities. The current norm and methodologies will not foster the governments capabilities needed to face the future and reach long-term goals. Transcending the challenges requires innovation, adaptation and the ability to design efficient and effective strategies.

The Mohammed Bin Rashid Centre for Government Innovation was established to stimulate and enrich the culture of innovation within the government sector through the development of an integrated innovation framework. The Innovation Lab course comes in line with that objective and offers UAE government and the Arab World a deep understanding of the innovation lab methodology along with practical tools for conducting effective innovation labs. The lab is a method to accelerate decision-making and kick-start implementation of solutions to the challenges faced by the government. It is a practical methodology enriched with intensive activities, discussions, and open dialogues to provide participants with the opportunity to focus on possible solutions instead of challenges.

The course sheds light on the journey towards establishing an effective innovation lab and offers tools, both new and traditional, with novel twists. It also focuses on the concept of government innovation and explores the different phases of the innovation lab; diagnosing challenges, forming work teams and work streams, designing content, involving stakeholders and generating the most innovative ideas through brainstorming are some of the areas the course dives into.

What you’ll learn

The critical role of innovation in overcoming challenges and the importance of adopting a culture of innovation

The different components of innovation labs and how to conduct an effective innovation lab

Best practices and innovative approaches in brainstorming and generating innovative ideas

Different tools and best practices that can be used to develop innovative solutions to ensure sustainability

How to empower leaders to create positive disruptive innovation

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    Government Innovation Labs
    Government Innovation Labs
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