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Create striking, contemporary designs with ancient fusing techniques!

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Create striking, contemporary designs with ancient fusing techniques!

Making Granules

Let renowned metalsmith Victoria Lansford demystify the ancient art of granulation! First, learn how to cut sheet metal and wire to create organic or uniform granules. Then, Victoria shows you how to ball your snippets into granules and easily sort and store them by size for different projects.

Fusing Wire

Put your torch to use as you learn about the fundamentals of fusing wire or granules to sheet metal! Discover which visual cues will let you know your project is fully fused and learn how to achieve the proper type of flame with your torch. Plus, create the frame for a granulated charm!

Fusing Granules

Finish your charm by fusing granules inside the wire frame. Learn what type of flux will keep your granules in place and see what an over-fused piece looks like to avoid melting your projects. Give your piece a professional finish with Victoria’s soldered rim technique!

Larger Designs

Expand your design opportunities and learn techniques for fusing larger pieces with pierced designs and dynamic granulation. In addition, practice working with thicker material while maintaining consistent heat for fusing, and tackle firescale with depletion gilding. Then add a patina!

Gold, Dimension & Mirrored Pairs

Learn sophisticated techniques for further design possibilities! First, learn how to work with 18K gold granules to enhance the value of your pieces. Then, learn how to fuse in layers with a dimensional granule pyramid. Bonus: Learn the secret to symmetrical granulated designs in earrings.

Granulation Ring

Granulated rings are traditionally time-consuming and tricky to make but with Victoria’s technique you can fuse perfect detail before your ring shank is even in the round! Start by creating a perfectly sized ring blank and learn why fusing a wire frame to your metal is essential. Then, fuse your granules with ease.

Granulation Ring, Part 2

After cutting out your design, you’ll learn how Victoria forms granulation work into a round ring shank. Learn how to solder, shape and size your band. Next, see how to add a bezel cup and decorative larger granules before finally setting your stone!

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    Granulation Techniques Demystified
    Granulation Techniques Demystified
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