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The Harmonized Health Facility Assessment (HHFA) is a comprehensive health facility survey assessing the availability of health facility services and the capacities of facilities to deliver quality services. This course prepares health professionals at country level to review and interpret the HHFA data, in order to identify the gaps or weaknesses in health facility services, monitor progress in service delivery systems, and make recommendations to policy-makers for strengthening health systems.

The HHFA Comprehensive guide is the key reference document for this course.

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The HHFA generates a wealth of information that can inform policy-making, planning and management of health services. Its findings are complex

They need to be understood, summarized, translated into clear key messages, and communicated to decision-makers. Data interpretation and communication are crucial, but often neglected components of the survey process. This course aims to address these gaps.

What you’ll learn

Describe what interpretation means

Describe the cycle of data exploration and interpretation

Critically examine the tables, charts and maps, describe what the data show, and select the most relevant findings

Compare the indicators with findings from previous facility surveys

Recognize trends and patterns

Describe how to triangulate the data

Use contextual information

Recognize and document data limitations and biases

Define preliminary conclusions and recommendations

Define the products and mechanisms for communicating the findings to the different decision-makers and managers

Describe the best communication practices.

Course contents

Course introduction:
An introduction to this course on the HHFA data review, interpretation, and communication.

Module 1: HHFA introduction:
This module will provide a brief overview of the HHFA and its tools, and an introduction to this course.

Module 2: HHFA data processing and analysis :
This module will introduce the HHFA data analysis platform and its outputs.

Module 3: HHFA data review and description:
This module will explore review and description of the data analysis platform outputs.

Module 4: HHFA data interpretation:
This module will introduce HHFA data interpretation concepts.

Module 5: Communication of HHFA results:
This module will focus on HHFA communication products and methods.

There are 15 questions in this quiz-based assessment. The questions are a recap of the content covered in Modules 1 to 5. You must score 80% to pass.

This section links to resources with more information on the HHFA.

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    HHFA data review, interpretation, and communication
    HHFA data review, interpretation, and communication
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