Innovation & Entrepreneurship – From Basics to Open Innovation


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Learn the basics of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in this course by UC Berkeley. Explore market analysis, customer engagement, and open innovation. Develop your business skills and mindset to succeed in the IT space. Gain insights from top Haas School of Business faculty and Silicon Valley models.

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This Innovation and Entrepreneurship course focuses on the interconnection between entrepreneurial thinking and innovation. Specifically, we look at models used in Silicon Valley to grow both start-up companies as well as innovation inside large organizations.

Bringing together top Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley faculty, this course addresses critical areas for successful growth, including design thinking, open innovation, business models, product-market fit, and financing. This course will teach you how to think like an entrepreneur and provide you with the models, tools, and frameworks to further develop your business or idea. An emphasis will be placed on the IT space.
In this first part, From Basics to Open Innovation, the following areas are included: innovation and entrepreneurship basics; the Silicon Valley entrepreneurship model; the importance of failure; market analysis: how to engage with customers; and open innovation.

What you will learn

Course introduction

In this first out of two EIT Digital Innovation & Entrepreneurship courses given by UC Berkeley Haas School of Business you will learn the basics regarding Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Market Analysis and Customer Engagement as well as Open Innovation.

What is innovation and entrepreneurship?

In this module, you will get an overview of the definitions and differences between innovation and entrepreneurship and how the two work in conjunction to create dynamic startups.

Teaching entrepreneurship

In this module the question Can entrepreneurship be taught? is discussed. You will also learn about the importance and relation between the skillset, toolset and mindset of entrepreneurship.

The importance of faliure

How can failure be utilized as a resource when creating new ventures? In this module you will learn how to utilize and learn from failure in the development of new business.

Analyzing markets

Product-market fit is a fundamental aspect of a successful launch of both startups as well as new products and services within established companies. In this module, you will learn how to analyze markets when searching for potential segments to target.

Engage with customers

When you have an idea about what markets to target, then the next step is try to verify the basic assumptions though customer interaction. You will in this module learn how to get the most out of such interviews and avoid common pitfalls. At the end of this module, you will have a framework for understanding customer needs, establishing market opportunity and creating a minimum viable product.

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    Innovation & Entrepreneurship – From Basics to Open Innovation
    Innovation & Entrepreneurship – From Basics to Open Innovation
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