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As attackers and defenders continually try to outsmart one another in this evolving cybersecurity landscape, organizations need to be smart about gathering and analyzing cyber threat intelligence (CTI).This cyber threat intelligence training introduction series will cover the main definitions and concepts related to the CTI world.

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Course Description

In its core, this course will explain what approaches and frameworks are available to implement a Cyber Threat Intelligence unit and how they can be used in it, and at the end you will have the necessary resources to be able to implement a Cyber Threat Intelligence unit.

By the end of this course, students should be able to:

Students can review specific topics regarding Cyber Threat Intelligence by consulting the following materials:

In this Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) training course, students will receive an introduction to key definitions and concepts of the CTI realm. At its core, the course will teach students about different CTI frameworks and to implement a CTI unit.

Cyber threat intelligence is a term that refers to information that an organization utilizes to understand the cyber threats that have occurred in the past, will occur in the future, or are currently targeting the organization. The intelligence that is collected is then analyzed to prepare, prevent, and identify cyber threats that are seeking to take advantage of the organization’s valuable resources. It allows for much more proactivity in protecting those resources.

Cyber threat intelligence is typically divided into three subcategories:


The cybersecurity world today involves attackers and defenders constantly trying to outsmart one another. Organizations need to understand attackers’ next moves so they can proactively defend their sensitive data and prevent future attacks. To achieve that, security teams need knowledge. Cyber threat intelligence training provides that knowledge by bringing to light unknown threats and allowing the organization to make better decisions about its security.

When cyber threat intelligence is implemented well, it can help organizations:

In this CTI training, students will learn the skills and knowledge needed to implement a CTI unit within their organizations. The course objectives that will be covered include:

Cyber Threat Intelligence Analysts are information security professionals who are responsible for helping to counter activities of hackers and other cyber criminals, including those who develop malicious software.

Cyber intelligence analysts often use their skill and expertise in network administration or network engineering. There, they work to perform the following:

Because the cyber world is constantly changing and cyber criminals are continually becoming smarter and sneakier, the exact roles and responsibilities of Cyber Threat Intelligence Analysts can, and do, change to keep up. It can be an exciting career for those who are interested in information security and helping organizations avoid cyberattacks.

Entering the cyber security industry is a great decision. It’s a growing industry that currently has more job openings than there are professionals to fill them. The cyber threat intelligence field is one that is only going to grow, as professionals who protect organizations’ data are some of the most in-demand employees in the information security industry.

Getting started with Cyber Threat Intelligence training is as easy as taking our course. In the course, you will learn the fundamentals of cyber threat intelligence, which may just be the start of your information security career.

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Cyber Threat Intelligence Course Goals

Technical research that involves collecting information regarding cyber criminal activities that are Internet-based and malware related.

Intelligence analysis that allows them to make predictions about cyber attackers and possible future attacks that are based on what is already known about them.

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Module 1: Introduction to Cyber Threat Intelligence

Module 2: : History and Main Concepts and Definitions of Cyber Threat Intelligence

Module 3: : Intelligence-Driven Security

Module 4: : Cyber Threat Intelligence Role in SOC, IR and Risk Analysis

Module 5: : Cyber Threat Intelligence for Fraud Prevention

Module 6: : Cyber Threat Intelligence Frameworks

Module 7: Developing the Core of Cyber Threat Intelligence

Module 8: : Conclusion

Module 9: : Summary and References

Module 10: Course Assessment

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    Intro to Cyber Threat Intelligence
    Intro to Cyber Threat Intelligence
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