Introduction to Aircraft Design



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This course is designed to provide students an understanding of procedure followed in conceptual design of an aircraft, meeting the user-specified design requirements and safety considerations specified by the aircraft certification agencies. The students will be exposed to types of aircraft and their features, requirements capture, configuration selection, initial sizing, determination of aerodynamic coefficients, constraint analysis, types of loads, V-n diagram, Range-Payload diagram, and Life Cycle Cost analysis. A special feature of this course will be a series of tutorials which will run all along the course to give the participants a practical feel of conceptual sizing and of an existing civil transport aircraft.

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Week 1: Introduction to Aircraft Design & Requirements Capture
Week 2: Design Considerations in Airliners, Cargo, and SST
Week 3: Design Considerations in GA and Military Aircraft
Week 4: Aircraft Configuration Design
Week 5: Aircraft Layout Choices
Week 6: Initial Sizing
Week 7: Estimation of Lift Coefficient
Week 8: Estimation of subsonic parasite drag coefficient
Week 9: Constraint Analysis of Military Aircraft
Week 10:Constraint Analysis of Transport Aircraft
Week 11: Aircraft Loads and V-N Diagram
Week 12:Cost Estimation in Aircraft Design;

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    Introduction to Aircraft Design
    Introduction to Aircraft Design

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