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In this course, we will learn about orchestras and musical instruments as well as about some of the talented composers from the Arab world and their music.

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An easy course, designed to target all people, and does not exclusively target musicians.

It aims to increase the musical knowledge for all learners, regardless their backgrounds, thus raising their musical appreciation and exposing them to different types of music that may not have been experienced them before.

This course includes an explanation of classical Western musical instruments and Arabic musical instruments by presenting their images and listening to their sounds, knowing their origins and development.

The course also explains the concept of orchestra, oriental music takht, in addition to the definition of Arabic and Western musical forms, explaining their components, characteristics and listening to some samples, in order to analysis and understand these forms.

In the final part of the course, Arab and Jordanian composers who have reached high level worldwide and have not been highlighted in the media, and learn about their biographies, their achievements, composing styles, and listening to some of their work.

What you’ll learn

Identifying the names of orchestral and Arabic instruments

Distinguishing the sounds of the different instruments

Recognizing the origins and development of the different instruments

Introducing some Arab composers who have shaped the world of music

Listening to some of the musical works or renowned composers

Understand the concept of digital music

Familiarizing learners with some Arabic and Western musical styles

Raising the musical taste of the learners

Opening the learners’ ears to musical types that they are not exposed to

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    Introduction to Music Appreciation
    Introduction to Music Appreciation
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