Introduction to the Python 3 Programming Language








Learn Python from scratch and gain a solid understanding of data structures, flow control, and interacting with applications. Develop the skills to create your own projects and contribute to existing ones. Discover the power of Python with this comprehensive course.

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In Introduction to Python, we will start at the beginning: Installing python 3 and using virtual environments. With a working environment, we will learn how to manipulate strings and numbers, and gain working knowledge of data structures and flow control. We will build on that by introducing modules and classes and learn how to interact with our python applications using command line switches, console input and files.

At the end of this course, you’ll have a great working knowledge of Python, fully capable of creating your own Python projects from scratch or jumping into an existing application with the capability to read, understand, and contribute to the application.

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Course Content

Install Python

Manage Dependencies with Python Virtual Environments

Use Python Interactively with the REPL Console

Check for None (Null) in Python

Understand Mutable vs. Immutable objects in Python

Execute a Python Script

Perform Math Operations in Python

Format Strings in Python

Manipulate and Search Strings with Python Methods

Add Flow Control to your Python application

Use Comparison Operators in Python

Use Lists in Python

Slice Lists in Python

Understand List Comprehensions in Python

Manipulate Data with Dictionaries in Python

Create Immutable Values in Python with Tuples

Create Unique Unordered Collections in Python with Set

Invoke the built-in help system with python’s dir and help methods

Create a Log for your Python application

Read Input in Python from the Console

Create Reusable Components with Functions in Python

Reuse Code in Multiple Projects with Python Modules

Read and Parse Files in Python

Write to a File in Python

Handle Exceptions to prevent crashes in Python

Understand Scope in Python

Use Python Classes

Manage packages with pip in Python

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    Introduction to the Python 3 Programming Language
    Introduction to the Python 3 Programming Language
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