Ireland’s Fairies and Vampires

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Discover the fascinating connection between Irish fairies and vampires in Western culture. This course explores Irish mythology, literature, and the origins of Irish fairies, revealing the supernatural creatures behind Ireland’s renowned vampire generation. Perfect for fairy fans, vampire enthusiasts, and anyone interested in Ireland’s rich culture and literature.

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What you’ll learn

  • Connection between Irish Fairies and Ireland’s vampire Count Dracula.
  • Students will learn about Ireland and Irish Culture.
  • Irish mythology and legend
  • Irish Literature and writers

This course traces connection between Ireland’s fairies and vampires in Western culture. We will see how Count Dracula, the creation of Irish writer Bram Stoker, coincides with ideas of the land of Ireland as an entity with an appetite for blood sacrifice. Dracula is one of a number of vampire figures created by Irish writers and we will see how Irish horror writing is produced against a cultural folklore replete in blood thirsty creatures. This will bring us into the realm of Irish fairy and through exploration of the origin of Irish fairy, in ancient Irish myth and legend, we will discover the supernatural creatures hovering behind Ireland’s celebrated generation of the vampire.

Who this course is for:

  • Fairy fans and vamire enthusiasts.
  • Anyone interested in Ireland, its land and culture.
  • Students of Irish writers and literature

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    Ireland’s Fairies and Vampires
    Ireland’s Fairies and Vampires
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