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Learn functional programming in JavaScript with Just Enough. This course covers higher order functions, immutable data structures, currying, and more. Start coding in the functional style today!

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In the last few years, the software development industry has seen a resurgence of functional programming. But what is it? And how do you get started?

“Just Enough” is an introduction to functional programming, written in JavaScript, that doesn’t get bogged down in the jargon and mathematical theory that can be so intimidating. Instead, it provides an approachable introduction to the paradigm that will give you the education and confidence you need to start using the programming style right away.

With “Just Enough” as our guide, this course will focus on the foundational knowledge needed to approach any functional language. By the end of the course, you will understand:

In just 30 minutes, you’ll learn more than just enough.

Course Content

Course Introduction to Just Enough Functional Programming In JavaScript

Modify Functions with Higher Order Functions in JavaScript

Avoiding Mutations in JavaScript with Immutable Data Structures

Refactor a Function to Use Currying in JavaScript

Identify Side Effects by Comparing Pure and Impure JavaScript Functions

Create Reusable Functions with Partial Application in JavaScript

Eliminate Anonymous JavaScript Functions with Pointfree Programming

Build Up Complex Functionality by Composing Simple Functions in JavaScript

Improve JavaScript Function Usability with Proper Argument Order in Functional Programming

Using the Associative Property in JavaScript Functional Compositions

Debug Functional Compositions with a Logging Side Effect in JavaScript

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    Just Enough Functional Programming in JavaScript
    Just Enough Functional Programming in JavaScript
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