Korean Conversation for Pre-Intermediate | Volume A

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Learn natural Korean expressions for everyday situations in this pre-intermediate level conversation course. Develop your speaking skills through clear explanations, guided practices, and simulated conversations. With over 8 hours of video content and lesson worksheets, this course is perfect for students interested in improving their Korean speaking abilities. Join us and enhance your communication skills in Korean!

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What you’ll learn

  • Students will develop communication skills in Korean
  • Students will develop their Korean vocabulary knowledge

Hi everyone, and welcome to the first Korean conversation course for pre-intermediate level.

In this course, you will learn natural Korean expressions you can use in everyday situations. We will cover the following topics in this course

  1. The weather

  2. Morning & night time routine

  3. Daily & weekly routine

  4. Hobbies & spare time activities

  5. Personalities

  6. Mood & feelings

  7. Abilities

  8. Hopes & desires

  9. Talking about the weekend

  10. Making arrangements

This course takes a systematic approach to developing your Korean speaking skills, so we will…

1) Explain the meaning of the sentences clearly

We will explain the meaning of the sentences, go over key pronunciation features of the language you’re learning, and provide ample example sentences to further strengthen your understanding of what you’re learning.

2) Conduct well-designed guided speaking practices

There are both guided listen and repeat speaking practices, as well as gap fill exercises, so a combination of repetition and recalling process will help you to retain what you’re learning in the long term.

3) Practice using the language you learned in natural simulated conversation practices

The course also comes with natural conversation simulations practices, and these practices will make you feel like you’re speaking to someone in Korean!

There is over 8 hours of video content and each of our lessons come with lesson worksheets.

We look forward to seeing you in the first lesson!

Who this course is for:

  • Students who are interested in developing their Korean speaking skills

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    Korean Conversation for Pre-Intermediate | Volume A
    Korean Conversation for Pre-Intermediate | Volume A
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