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Enhance your cross-cultural communication skills and language proficiency with our free course, Languages at Work. Learn how to navigate cultural differences and leverage your existing language skills in practical situations. Gain valuable insights into the global importance of English and the benefits of studying another language. Improve your CV by showcasing your language abilities. Explore diverse cultural practices, from dining etiquette to work routines. Suitable for adult learners in both educational and professional settings. Linked to NVQ assessments at various levels.

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All of us in our working lives increasingly need to work with people from other cultures or those whose native language is foreign, or we may have to go to another country and work as a foreigner ourselves. This free course, Languages at work, is about how to understand differences in culture and how to make the most of existing language skills. It is aimed at all adult learners, whether in FE or in the workplace. The sections are independent, and can be studied in any order and any combination. They are linked to NVQ assessments at Entry Level, Level 1 and Level 2.

Course learning outcomes

After studying this course, you should be able to:

Describe the status in the world of the English language, compared to other widely spoken languages

Identify the reasons why people should study another language

Make best use of existing language skills, no matter how basic, in a practical situation

Present language skills in a written CV

Give examples of critical differences between cultures across the world, including eating habits, etiquette and politeness, and daily routines and working patterns.

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