Learn to Repair & Troubleshoot Electronics Device

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Learn to repair and troubleshoot electronics devices with this comprehensive course. Suitable for beginners, hobbyists, and professionals, it covers topics like resistor color code calculation, testing diodes, capacitors, transformers, and more. No prerequisites required, and a money-back guarantee is offered. Enroll now and empower yourself with essential electronics repair and troubleshooting skills.

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What you’ll learn

  • Understanding Digital Multimeter
  • Describe the electrical characteristics of common electronic components like resistor, capacitor, diode,..etc.
  • Resistance and Resistors
  • Resistor Colour Code Calculation
  • Continuity Test
  • Testing Resistor
  • How To Perform Current Test
  • How To Test AC/DC Voltage
  • Testing Variable Resistor
  • Continuity Test
  • Testing Coil/Inductor
  • Identifying faulty diode
  • Testing Switches
  • Testing Bridge Rectifier
  • Testing Light Emitting Diode (LED)
  • Testing Zener Diode
  • Testing Linear Transformer
  • Testing Capacitor
  • Testing Transistor
  • Testing Transformer
  • Testing computer power supply
  • Symptom of faulty personal computer power supply
  • At the end there is practical troubleshooting practice

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                                                                       Learn to Repair & Troubleshoot Electronics device 

Is a  course that transform everybody to electronics technician. This course can be taken by all level of trainees like beginners, hobbyist, technical college and university students, Engineers and trainees from different field  of study  can take the course without any prerequisite.  I have spent countless hours in teaching, testing and analyzing electronic components and found out the right and accurate ways to design the course. This course have worked for thousands of trainees and can work for you too.

To  be an electronics technician, You Don’t Even Need A Certificate, Diploma Or A Degree In electrical and Electronic Engineering; In Order To Start Troubleshooting and Repairing Electronics Equipment! It’s So Simple and Everyone Can Follow My lecture and Tips Of Troubleshooting!

The Good News Is ,Once You Have Completed this course and Start Practicing From The Information, I Can Guarantee everybody, You Will Be Far Better than A Degree Holder engineers! if you do have someone(expertise like me) to hold you by the hand through the whole process, you will master the course with in few days.

After completing this  course everybody will be equipped with basic electronics repairing and troubleshooting knowledge and skill. What I want to give emphasis is at the end of this course, with some practical exercise you will be better than Bachelor degree graduate in troubleshooting and repairing, otherwise within one month period there is a  money back option. Ladies and Gentlemen, If you are not happy or if the course can not add any value on you, no problem I Will refund you with in one month.


If you are interested in electronics, Never MISS this opportunity, you are on the right track, Get enrolled now and be certified. 

                                                                         Get enrolled and Empower yourself!

Who this course is for:

  • The course is designed for everybody! Specially for those who want to repair the electronics devices this course is ideal.

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    Learn to Repair & Troubleshoot Electronics Device
    Learn to Repair & Troubleshoot Electronics Device
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