Linear Algebra for Machine Learning and Data Science




Last updated on April 25, 2024 2:28 pm

Learn Linear Algebra and its applications in machine learning. Develop mathematical intuition and code implementation skills in Python.

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After completing this course, learners will be able to:

• Represent data as vectors and matrices and identify their properties using concepts of singularity, rank, and linear independence, etc.
• Apply common vector and matrix algebra operations like dot product, inverse, and determinants
• Express certain types of matrix operations as linear transformations
• Apply concepts of eigenvalues and eigenvectors to machine learning problems
Mathematics for Machine Learning and Data science is a foundational online program created in by DeepLearning.AI and taught by Luis Serrano. This beginner-friendly program is where you’ll master the fundamental mathematics toolkit of machine learning.
Many machine learning engineers and data scientists need help with mathematics, and even experienced practitioners can feel held back by a lack of math skills. This Specialization uses innovative pedagogy in mathematics to help you learn quickly and intuitively, with courses that use easy-to-follow plugins and visualizations to help you see how the math behind machine learning actually works.
Upon completion, you’ll understand the mathematics behind all the most common algorithms and data analysis techniques — plus the know-how to incorporate them into your machine learning career.
This is a beginner-friendly program, with a recommended background of at least high school mathematics. We also recommend a basic familiarity with Python, as labs use Python and Jupyter Notebooks to demonstrate learning objectives in the environment where they’re most applicable to machine learning and data science. If you are already familiar with the concepts of linear algebra, Course 1 will provide a good review, or you can choose to take Course 2 of this specialization, Calculus for Machine Learning and Data Science now, and Course 3, Probability and Statistics for Machine Learning and Data Science when it is released in April.

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    Linear Algebra for Machine Learning and Data Science
    Linear Algebra for Machine Learning and Data Science
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