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Take your makeup artistry skills to the next level and learn how to make yourself and others look and feel beautiful no matter the occasion!

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Take your makeup artistry skills to the next level and learn how to make yourself and others look and feel beautiful no matter the occasion!

“View but her face, and in that little round you may observe a world of variety”. John Ford
Did you know that a successful makeup artist can earn up to $100,000 per year and that the expected market growth is 13%, with 83,300 jobs expected to open before 2022?
And that the career opportunities are nearly endless? Whether you want to freelance at weddings, work in TV or cinema, in a beauty salon, become a writer or even a youtuber – the opportunities are enormous.
It’s a fantastic and rewarding career where you get to make others look and feel beautiful and get paid to do so. And the best part is that you can easily adapt it to the lifestyle that best suits you.
If becoming a makeup artist is the career you’ve been dreaming about, then this course is the perfect foundation for you.


Learn professional makeup artistry with this comprehensive course on makeup. You’ll develop a firm understanding of:

Face shapes
Skin tones
Facial Features (which are incredibly important for a makeup artist at any level)
Contouring makeup
Choosing eye makeup shades
Picking colors
How to accent, highlight, and enhance the face
Different types of products, tools, makeup brushes, and how to utilize them
Information on skin care routines and best practices will help you keep skin healthy and beautiful
How to build your makeup kit (for beginners and for advanced makeup artists)
The best makeup tips for makeup application, removal, and more Get hands-on skills that you can take immediately to the makeup table.
The primary goal of this makeup artist course is to ensure that you walk away with applicable skills that will help you no matter what you intend to do.
Some of the skills you’ll learn include, but are not limited to, the following:

Skin Care – Master skin care routines, makeup and foundation applications. Information on preparation and aftercare practices and techniques for skin health will help you make the right decisions for each client. With tips like applying makeup to oily skin, which products work for sensitive skin, and aftercare for dry skin, you’ll learn to work with every skin type.
Corrections – From applying foundation to using makeup contouring to shade and correct features based on face shape, you’ll be able to smooth and correct any face. Tools – Build your makeup kit, select the best makeup tools, and learn how to use them
Eyes And Brows – Learn to contour for different eye types, and learn how to flatter eye colors and shapes. You’ll also learn critical information on shading and creating shapes using the natural brow.
False Eyelashes – Applying false eyelashes and eyelash extensions requires much skill, and you’ll learn that and more including initial application, maintenance, types, and safe removal.
Makeup for different ages – Different ages require a different approach to makeup. Learn what makeup is more suitable for the different age groups.
Makeup styles – Learn how to choose the right makeup for different occasions such as daytime, evening & parties.

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