Maximizing ROI through Marketing Analytics: A Practical Guide for In-House Marketers








This essential course is jam-packed with strategic insights and hands-on tactical knowledge needed to grow your business using marketing analytics. You’ll learn exactly what to focus on so you can get more results while collecting less data.

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Who is this сourse for?

The information and frameworks in this course is designed for in-house marketing teams who are looking to improve their comprehension of marketing analytics tools and reports.

What you’ll learn

Throughout this course, you will learn frameworks, tools, reports, and additional resources so you can improve your analytics skills. You’ll get a complete picture of what goes into an in-house analytics program, including frameworks for measurement, tools of the trade, dashboards you can create, as well as additional resources for getting next level results.

Analytics for In-House Marketing Teams Overview

In this lesson, Jeff provides an overview of the tools and techniques he will be sharing with you throughout this course, so you can tie all of your marketing efforts together. These will give you visibility into how companies use marketing analytics to grow their businesses even further.

The SMALL Data Framework

In this lesson, you’ll learn what the small data framework is and how it can help in-house marketing teams. Through this framework, you’ll develop an understanding of where you fit into the overall scheme of things when it comes to how your company should be approaching analytics. This tool can be used as a way to define what you need to focus on and what your objectives are.

Tools of the Trade

In this lesson, Jeff discusses the three major tools he uses on a daily basis to perform meaningful analysis and analytics. Primary focus will be on Google Analytics 4, Semrush, and Looker Studio, as they have most of the things you need to measure your campaigns, competition, and create reports.

Consolidating all your KPIs in one place with ACES

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to use ACES, a framework template that helps you define your marketing objectives and KPIs and consolidate everything in one place. Through this framework, you’ll get a clear picture of your business and understand what metrics are important for your company.

Competitor Analysis

In this lesson, you’ll explore competitor analysis. Jeff will show you how to use Semrush to leverage various levels of competitor analysis to help you better understand your competition. You’ll also look at different scenarios where you can compare websites, analyze trends, and use some of the advanced tools available in Semrush to estimate your competitor’s analytics.

Where to find in-depth training

In this lesson, you’ll discover where to find more in-depth training if you want to learn specific skills about analytics. With so many options out there, it can be overwhelming, so Jeff helps you navigate the best training resources available for learning more.

When to hire consultants for specialty expertise

This lesson discusses when to hire consultants that have specialty expertise and can assist with a specific project. You’ll gain insight into when to hire consultants, how to work with them effectively, and where to find them.

Reporting on Results

In this lesson, you will learn how to report on results and build a dashboard that incorporates various data sources and opportunities. You’ll create an ACES framework dashboard using data from Google Analytics, Semrush, and Google Sheets.

How to make better decisions based on data

In this lesson, Jeff discusses how to make better decisions based on the data you collect. Making better decisions is a process that you’ll want to build on over time.

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    Maximizing ROI through Marketing Analytics: A Practical Guide for In-House Marketers
    Maximizing ROI through Marketing Analytics: A Practical Guide for In-House Marketers
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