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Solder rings, bracelets and earrings in Metalsmithing at Home with accomplished metalsmith Kate Richbourg.

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Class Preview

Solder rings, bracelets and earrings in Metalsmithing at Home with accomplished metalsmith Kate Richbourg.


Meet your instructor, Kate Richbourg, and learn about the projects and techniques she’ll teach over the course of this class.

Metalsmithing Tools

Learn what tools are necessary and what tools are just plain fun! Discover the best ways to set up your work space, select the best torch for the job, saw and cut your materials, and use other various pliers, hole punches, filing and hammering tools. Kate shows you efficient and inventive ways to use each tool while keeping safety a top priority.


Explore the various types of jewelry making metals and their various properties before Kate explains when each one should be used. You’ll learn which oxidation techniques are best for which projects in addition to practicing your hand at soldering and finishing each project.

Safety & Setup

Learn how to adapt small or large work areas into a serious jewelry studio, focusing on safety concerns such as proper ventilation and storage of tools. You’ll love Kate’s energetic and engaging approach to her safety tips that will keep you out of harm’s way in the studio for years to come.


Dive into the world of copper as Kate shows you how to saw and file your metal, add decorative holes, inscribe designs and use stamps. You’ll be amazed by the rich variety of designs that you can choose from!

Soldering Your Earrings

Solder the earrings you designed in the prior lesson with Kate’s expert tips along the way. Learn to tailor your torch’s flame to your needs as you create the ear wire, solder and polish the earrings, add jump ring closures and shape each piece to your liking.

Stack Rings

Tackle your next project with stack rings: one of Kate’s signature jewelry designs. You’ll hone your skills at annealing, shaping and soldering the rings before Kate illustrates how to add silver granules and finish your project. You’ll love this versatile, chic project, which can be tailored to any style you like.

The Bangle Bracelet

Move into the world of bracelets as you discover ways to incorporate hinges, clasps and more into your designs. Follow along as Kate explains how to measure and cut the bangle, cut out various components as you go, and add brass. Then go in-depth as you learn how to refine and assemble the finished bracelet, resulting in a piece that can be stamped, monogramed and more.

Flower Pendant with Tube Setting

Tackle your fear of tube settings by creating a beautiful flower pendant with a small tube-set stone. Kate’s encouraging, up-close overview of this complex project will help you master everything from shaping leaves and petals to measuring and cutting the tube with expert precision. Then discover the best practices for soldering the pendant and setting the stone, resulting in a professional-quality pendant, with Kate’s amazing troubleshooting tips to help you along the way.


Congratulate yourself on the leaps and bounds you’ve accomplished in this class as Kate reviews each project and shares her advice on how to alter each one to best fit your style. You’ll leave the class bursting with inspiration and the confidence to tackle any jewelry project you can dream up!

Bonus – Earring Wires

In this delightful bonus lesson, Kate teaches you how to create earring wires for your new earring projects that you’ve created in this class. Using findings that you likely already have at home, Kate creates deceptively simple wires that might become your new favorite earring technique.

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    Metalsmithing at Home
    Metalsmithing at Home
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