Migrate a WordPress Site to the Jamstack Using Gatsby








Switching to the Jamstack allows you to enjoy the benefits of WordPress while eliminating its downsides. Learn how to migrate your site in this comprehensive course.

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WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world. Content creators are able to easily customize nearly everything about WordPress from their admin dashboard, providing a really pleasant content management experience. Using Gatsby as a frontend for your WordPress sites makes the experience of developing the site and visiting the site just as pleasant.

Moving your WordPress frontend to the Jamstack means you keep the convenience of using WordPress’s custom backend for creating and editing content while

avoiding some of WordPress’s biggest downsides.

Historically, WordPress has many downsides, including:




Switching to the Jamstack helps mitigate — and even eliminate! — these downsides:

More secure

More performant

More resilient

More affordable

Switching to the Jamstack gives you all of the benefits of WordPress and helps you avoid the downsides!

In this collection, we walk through the full process of migrating a WordPress site to the Jamstack, which keeps all the flexibility and power of WordPress’s admin dashboards while adding all the benefits of the Jamstack.

Course Content

Install WPGraphQL and WPGraphiQL plugins in WordPress using the command line

Create a new Gatsby site using npx and the hello world starter

Install and configure `gatsby-source-graphql` to read WordPress data from WPGraphQL

Create pages in Gatsby from WordPress pages

Display WordPress page content in Gatsby page template components

Add a shared layout component and global styles to a Gatsby site

Load WordPress post data and create Gatsby pages

Add styles for WordPress content blocks in Gatsby pages

Create a page in Gatsby to show WordPress blog post previews

Use WordPress settings to configure your Gatsby site

Create Gatsby navigation from WordPress menus

Deploy a WordPress-powered Gatsby site to Netlify using the Netlify CLI

Automatically trigger Netlify deploys for WordPress changes

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    Migrate a WordPress Site to the Jamstack Using Gatsby
    Migrate a WordPress Site to the Jamstack Using Gatsby
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