Minor Scales On Piano Complete Course

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Learn to play songs in minor keys on the piano with this comprehensive course. Understand the theory behind minor scales and their relationship to major scales. Explore the natural, harmonic, and melodic minor scales, as well as modulation techniques. Perfect for existing piano players looking to expand their repertoire in praise and worship music. Includes popular song examples and an eBook summarizing the concepts covered. Enhance your understanding of minor scales and create a unique mood in your music. Start playing songs in minor keys today!

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What you’ll learn

  • Demonstrate understanding of the natural minor scale on piano
  • Demonstrate understanding of the harmonic minor scale on piano
  • Demonstrate understanding of the melodic minor scale on piano
  • Explain the relationship between the relative minor and the relative major
  • Understand the chord scale/ Nashville Number System in all the three minor scales
  • Be able to play songs arranged in a minor key
  • Understand how to modulate from a minor key to a major key

A majority of songs played in churches today are arranged on major keys. Songs written on minor keys also have a unique sound that communicates a different mood altogether. It is vital to understand the theoretical concepts behind minor scales and how they relate to major scales.

This course is an introduction minor scales and their application in praise and worship music. We take time to study the theory behind different types of minor scales and the chords associated with them.

We have used popular songs around the world to help you grasp these concepts.

The Course content is as follows:

Lesson 1 Natural Minor Scale And Its Chord Scale

Lesson 2 Harmonic Minor Scale And Its Chord Scale

Lesson 3 Melodic Minor Scale And Its Chord Scale

Lesson 4 Song Example: I Enter the holy of holies

Lesson 5 Relative Minor To Major Movement – Modulation Techniques(Song Example)

Lesson 6 Song Example : Shalom Jerusalem

Lesson 7 Song Example: Lord let your fire fall

Lesson 8 Song Example: Lord I offer my life to you

I have also included a link to an eBook that summarizes all the concepts covered in the course together with lead sheets of the songs played. Take time and go through the notes then play along the songs indicated with appropriate chords.

Who this course is for:

  • Existing piano players who want to gain a better understanding in playing songs arranged on minor keys and scales.

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    Minor Scales On Piano Complete Course
    Minor Scales On Piano Complete Course
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