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Learn natural language processing in JavaScript with Natural’s API. Break up language strings, find word roots, tag parts of speech, and more. Improve text analysis with machine learning and tools like WordNet and spellcheck. Enhance efficiency with tries and digraphs. Start mastering NLP today!

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In this course we’ll work through Natural’s API for natural language processing in JavaScript. We’ll look at how to process text: learning how to break up language strings, find the word roots, work with inflectors, find sequences of words, and tag parts of speech. We’ll learn how to find important stats about a body of text: how to compare strings, how to classify text with machine learning, how to use the tf-idf tool to find relevant words. We’ll look at some of the extra tools Natural gives us, including the dictionary/thesaurus of WordNet, a phonetics comparer that lets us see if two words sound the same, and a spellcheck feature. We’ll also look at tries and digraphs, two data structures that help us better analyze bodies of text.

Course Content

Break up language strings into parts using Natural

Find the roots of words using stemming in Natural

Pluralizing nouns and counting numbers with inflectors in Natural

Find sequences of words (n-grams) using Natural

Tag parts of speech using Natural

Compare similarity of strings through string distance in Natural

Classify text into categories with machine learning in Natural

Classify JSON text data with machine learning in Natural

Using machine learning classifiers in a new project

Identify the most important words in a document using tf-idf in Natural

Find a word’s definition using WordNet in Natural

Search more efficiently with tries using Natural

Include spell-check in text projects using Natural

Check if words sound alike using Natural

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    Natural Language Processing in JavaScript with Natural
    Natural Language Processing in JavaScript with Natural
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