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This cyber security training course provides the digital forensic skills you need to gather and analyse network traffic to protect networks and information.

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This course on network forensics will get you started on becoming a certified network forensics examiner. We focus on the best practices in network forensic investigation and teach you how to investigate network-based evidence, physical interception, traffic acquisition and wireless attacks. You will also learn to analyse network data and install the best traffic acquisition software for your devices. Start this course today.

What You Will Learn In This Free Course

  • Identify the challenges relating to …
  • Discuss the network forensics invest…
  • Outline the principles of internetwo…
  • Distinguish between IP version 4 and…
  • Identify the challenges relating to network forensics evidence
  • Discuss the network forensics investigative methodology
  • Outline the principles of internetworking and networking.
  • Distinguish between IP version 4 and IP version 6
  • List some network intrusion detection tools used to capture network traffic
  • Identify network devices where you can find information or evidence
  • Explain the legal issues involved with creating and using logs for forensic investigation
  • Network Forensics Protocols

    This module will teach you some definitions and terminologies used in digital evidence. You will also study challenges in acquiring network evidence as well as the methodology used in collecting network forensic evidence. Also, you will get to understand some networking principles and explore essential network acquisition software and tools.

    Network Investigative Tools

    In this module, you will learn the fundamentals and challenges of protocol analysis and wireless access points. You will also examine some wireless traffic capturing tools and software. Types of operating system logs and web proxies will be analyzed. Also, you will explore network tunnelling, malware forensics and the legality of using logs.

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      Network Forensics Examiner
      Network Forensics Examiner
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