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The OWASP Top 10 features the most critical web application security vulnerabilities. In this part, A09: Security Logging and Monitoring Failures, you’ll take advice from a trusted offensive security professional on how to implement best practices for developing security logging and monitoring solutions at your organization.

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Course Description

Our newest OWASP courses contain exclusive content updates for the September 2021 version of the OWASP Top 10 list.

In the A09: Security Logging and Monitoring Failures course, you’ll be introduced to this revised category on the OWASP Top 10 list, which was renamed from Insufficient Logging and Monitoring. Learn about all of the new types of failures included in this category and what the CVE/CVSS data shows us. Discover how adversaries can take advantage of security logging and monitoring failures to gain access to sensitive data, which is why strong log analysis and detection tools are important. Research on this category reveals a need for organizations to develop best practices and incident response plans that sufficiently consider security logging and monitoring failures.

Our OWASP Top 10 course is designed for someone who is a seasoned offensive security professional, SOC analyst, or Windows system administrator who wants to know how to exploit and protect against the latest vulnerabilities impacting enterprise systems.

You will gain the most benefit from this course if you have a basic understanding of: web applications, programming languages, web browsers, and web application hacking.

The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) is a non-profit organization focused on web security. The OWASP Top 10 features the most critical web application security vulnerabilities. Our course gives you the knowledge needed to identify, exploit, and offer remediation suggestions for these vulnerabilities.

This course is available on the Cybrary platform in a series of installments. Along with an introductory module, each of the subsequent 10 modules are contained separately as installments of the course series. The multimodal design allows for more self-paced, customizable learning. Our on-demand format affords you the flexibility to learn at your own pace.

This course was developed by Clint Kehr, who is a senior technical manager for a financial services company’s Responsible Disclosure Team, where he interacts with ethical hackers who find vulnerabilities in the company’s infrastructure. Clint is a former Special Agent with the Department of Justice where he specialized in internet investigations and conducted numerous cases on cyber threat actors on the surface, deep, and dark web, resulting in Clint earning the Attorney General’s Distinguished Service Award. Clint has trained over 1,000 law enforcement officers, prosecutors, and civilians on the dark web and dark market websites. Clint has a master’s degree in intelligence studies from American Military University, where he graduated with honors. He also has a master’s degree in Information Technology from Carnegie Mellon University, where he graduated with highest distinction. As a former Navy Reserve Officer, Clint served in many roles, such as a division officer and department head for commands in the information warfare community

Cybrary is the first cybersecurity education platform to release exclusive, updated course content for the new OWASP Top 10 list that was released on September 24th, 2021. The list has been significantly revised since the release of the last 2017 top 10 list, as the new list combines, reorders, and adds new web application vulnerabilities. OWASP has focused on more data-centered research in their creation of the new top 10 list.

Our OWASP courses are lightly theoretical and heavily hands-on. We keep the lectures short and give you the tools and secure virtual environments where you will enjoy capture-the-flag style training exercises. These labs allow you to actively practice and demonstrate your skills in penetration testing. Our courses make you better prepared for handling security incidents in the real world.

This Cybrary OWASP Top 10 (2021) course includes:

This Cybrary OWASP Top 10 (2021) course includes:

Engaging video overview lessons that summarize each category and list of CVEs covered, as well as describe how the category in the 2021 list is distinctive from how the category was presented in the 2017 list

Written scenarios that highlight the relevance of the OWASP Top 10 web application vulnerabilities in real-world ransomware attacks and data breaches, including the 2015 U.S. Office of Personnel Management data breach, the 2021 Colonial Pipeline Hack, and the 2017 Equifax Breach. You will gain insights of the history and significance of these incidents, as well as learn the tactics and techniques used by adversaries.

Module 1: Introduction

Module 2: A09-Security Logging and Monitoring Failures

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    OWASP Top 10 – A09:2021 – Security Logging and Monitoring Failures
    OWASP Top 10 – A09:2021 – Security Logging and Monitoring Failures
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