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Want to get your body back after your new arrival? Follow these safe, gentle exercises and healthy diet advice to nurture you and your body

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Want to get your body back after your new arrival? Follow these safe, gentle exercises and healthy diet advice to nurture you and your body

Hey baby, I want my body back!
Growing a baby and giving birth is probably the most important, most life changing and most challenging experience there is in life. You’ve just been through this epic event – congratulations!
Maybe your world has been turned upside down, maybe you’re helplessly in love with your newborn and can’t think straight or maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed. At the back of your mind is the nagging thought that you want to get your body back to normal.
Lean on us
At times like this, you could do with lots of support. This IOA course is packed with helpful advice and knowledge on all aspects of nurturing you and your body back to equilibrium.
We answer questions like:

How do I restore strength and flexibility to my pelvic floor and abdomen?
What kind of exercise should I avoid?
What’s the right level of work out and how often? As it can be difficult to find the time to devote to a regular regime, we include simple but effective stretches and exercises you can in just a few minutes a day that really make a difference. We suggest a pace that respects your body. We even suggest things you can do with your baby that will have her gurgling and gets you invigorated!


Switch to foods that gives you a helping hand
Diet is a huge and essential part of your health and wellbeing and vital to get right after you give birth. Shaping up is greatly accelerated when you choose foods that give you a helping hand. We guide you on:

what to include in your diet and what to avoid
the practical, helpful tips that help you shape your diet into a wholesome one
developing habits that you keep long term
effective ways to deal with cravings for ‘bad’ foods
natural ingredients to include that boost a sluggish metabolism Fit, strong and content
We understand many new Moms can feel down and even depressed. Life with a new baby can be overwhelming. Your C section tummy means you take longer to recover. It can also feel disheartening when you’re surrounded with media images of perfectly groomed celebrities that you compare yourself to. Listen up sister!

Feel understood and reassured with grounded, sensible advice for ‘the blues’.
Get the inside track on how you can appreciate real life and look great.
Read tips on improving your sleep.
Gain wisdom from experienced Moms who’ve been there and thrived! The most exciting time in your life doesn’t always feel elating. Behind closed doors, we know what real life can throw at you and we’re here for you. Treat yourself to some sound advice today and get yourself back to tip top form and fitness soon

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    Postnatal Diet & Exercise
    Postnatal Diet & Exercise
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