Probability: Mastering The Basics

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Master the basics of probability with this practical and logical approach course. Gain conceptual clarity and apply the concepts efficiently to solve probability problems. Designed for college students, data scientists, research scholars, and statisticians. Start learning and enjoy the journey!

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What you’ll learn

  • Practical approach and better understanding of concepts of probability
  • Conceptual clarity and logical approach towards Probability problems
  • Student will be able to decipher the phrases in the word problems and use the relevant formulae accordingly (This is the key area where students generally struggle in Probability)
  • By the end of this course students will be able to apply the concepts to the questions very efficiently

Probability is the most common topic discussed among all college students!

If you get it, you love it.

So the aim of the course Probability: Mastering the basics is to help you visualize the thought process of each formulae that is used in probability. When you can connect the subject to the practical world , it becomes much more fun and game to work with. Hence all videos discuss concepts from a practical perspective. Efforts have been made to connect each concept to real-world simple day to day activities.

Initial videos in section I are designed exclusively to explain each concept one at a time. Small yet informative videos are designed to provide better conceptual clarity about each topic. Further, the concept of factorial and counting techniques is addressed in the second section. The rational behind these techniques is highlighted with help of examples.

Eventually all the formulae of probability are introduced in the third section along with the concepts that make it easy to understand.  Towards the end there are two practice set videos in the last section of this course. The steps for each question are presented meticulously to help you generate the thought process for similar questions in future and help you gain expertise on the concepts of probability.

Hope you enjoy learning probability, share your feedback and feel free to reach out!

Happy learning ?

Who this course is for:

  • College students of varied disciplines, aspiring data scientists, research scholars, Statisticians

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    Probability: Mastering The Basics
    Probability: Mastering The Basics
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