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Learn the ubiquitous abstractions for modeling pure functional programs in this JavaScript course. No previous knowledge required. Start composing functionality now.

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This course teaches the ubiquitous abstractions for modeling pure functional programs. Functional languages have adopted these algebraic constructs across the board as a way to compose applications in a principled way.

We can do the same in JavaScript. While the subject matter will move beyond the functional programming basics, no previous knowledge of functional programming is required. You’ll start composing functionality before you know it.

advanced beginner

Course Content

Create linear data flow with container style types (Box)

Refactor imperative code to a single composed expression using Box

Enforce a null check with composable code branching using Either

Use chain for composable error handling with nested Eithers

A collection of Either examples compared to imperative code

Create types with Semigroups

Semigroup examples

Ensure failsafe combination using monoids

A curated collection of Monoids and their uses

Unbox types with foldMap

Delay Evaluation with LazyBox

Capture Side Effects in a Task

Use Task for Asynchronous Actions

You’ve been using Functors

Lift into a Pointed Functor with of

You’ve been using Monads

Build curried functions

Applicative Functors for multiple arguments

Apply multiple functors as arguments to a function (Applicatives)

List comprehensions with Applicative Functors

Write applicatives for concurrent actions

Leapfrogging types with Traversable

Maintaining structure whilst asyncing

Principled type conversions with Natural Transformations

Apply Natural Transformations in everyday work

Isomorphisms and round trip data transformations

Build a data flow for a real world app

Retrieve and use data from an api with pure functional constructs

Find the intersection of sets with Semigroups

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    Professor Frisby Introduces Composable Functional JavaScript
    Professor Frisby Introduces Composable Functional JavaScript
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