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Discover the power of npm packages and learn how to create, publish, and update your own. From filtering sensitive words to building components and command line interfaces, this course covers it all. Gain valuable skills in version control, compilation, testing, and documentation. Start your npm journey today!

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npm is like a giant library of code building blocks. There are tons of these “blocks”, aka “packages” that we can compose together to build cool things. We can use packages by other developers, but we can also write and publish our own.

In this course we will learn how to create, publish, and update our own packages. We will create a JavaScript utility module to filter out sensitive words from a string, including tests and development file watching. We will then cover publishing and updating our package. This same approach can be used to create and publish other types of packages too like components (React, Angular, Web Components etc.) and command line interfaces.

Course Content

Add version control to npm packages using git init

Add manifest files to npm packages using npm init

Set up compilation of source code using babel with npm scripts

Run builds on file changes using watch with npm scripts

Set up testing of source code using jest with npm scripts

Add package functionality using npm scripts

Test npm packages locally in another project using npm link

Document npm packages using README files

Publish npm packages using npm publish

Update published npm packages using np

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    Publish JavaScript packages on npm
    Publish JavaScript packages on npm
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