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Ready4Response is a multi-tiered core curriculum that aims to develop consistent learning standards across the emergency response workforces at national level. It equips participants with essential competencies needed to work within public health emergency response.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted that all countries are challenged in their abilities to respond to emergencies. Having access to the right people, with the right skills and training, at the right time and location is essential to saving lives and protecting the health of people, societies and economies during an emergency.

Tier 1 provides context and principles of the all-hazards approach to emergency response, outlining the various actors involved, their roles and structural relationships. It also examines in-depth WHO’s role in response, and discusses core ethics and principles all responders must follow.

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Course contents

Introduction: Welcome to Ready4Response:
This module offers an introduction to the Ready4Response core curriculum.

Module 1: All-hazards emergency response:
This module consists of 3 units: the nature of emergencies; principles of all-hazards response; and the national response structure.

Module 2: International support to response:
This module consists of 4 units: overview of responders; the humanitarian systems; the Cluster system; and partner networks.

Module 3: WHO’s support to response:
This module consists of 3 units: WHO’s role in response; WHO’s role in radiation and chemical events; and WHO’s role in foodborne illness response.

Module 4: Ethics and principles of a response:
This module consists of 5 units: the International Health Regulations (2005); international laws and conventions; human rights in health response; humanitarian principles; and WHO charter, UN values and sexual exploitation and abuse.

Module 5: Case studies:
This module offers a series of 3 case studies for you to read through in reflection of what you have learned in Tier 1.

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    Ready4Response Tier 1: Response context and principles
    Ready4Response Tier 1: Response context and principles
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