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Learn how to create popular animated concepts in web and mobile applications with this course. Enhance your React Native app with simple, complex, and subtle interactions. Break down and rebuild animations in your own app. Discover how basic Animated calls can take your app to the next level. Course content includes creating a Horizontal Parallax ScrollView, animating a React Native Information Callout View, bouncing a Heart Shaped Button, building an Animated Floating Action Button with Springy Menu, and more. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to master animation in React Native.

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In this course we’ll explore how to create many popular animated concepts in applications across web and mobile applications. We’ll look at both simple, complex, and subtle interactions that you can use to enhance your React Native application.

This course should empower you to look at an animation in an application, break down the effect, and rebuild it in your own application.

The ultimate goal is to show how using the basic Animated calls we can build out effective and complex animations that take your application to the next level.

Course Content

Create a Horizontal Parallax ScrollView in React Native

Animate a React Native Information Callout View

Bounce a Heart Shaped Button in React Native on Press

Create An Exploding Heart Button in React Native

Build an Animated Floating Action Button in React Native with Springy Menu

Use React Native to Animate a Swipe Away Comment Modal

Create a Tap to Show Love React Native Animation

Toggle Hidden Details on a React Native Event Card

Build a Collapsible React Native Header Bar

Create an Expanding Notify Input with Success Message in React Native

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    Real World React Native Animations
    Real World React Native Animations
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