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Enhance your text data manipulation skills with regular expressions. This comprehensive course offers valuable tools to slice, dice, and extract information effortlessly. From finding plain text and repeated patterns to using character classes and lookaheads, master the complexities of regex. Discover how to create capture groups, utilize word boundaries, and leverage backreferences. With line anchors, identify patterns at the start and end of lines. Improve your regex proficiency and gain confidence in using these powerful techniques every day. Start your journey with regular expressions in JavaScript now!

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Regular expressions are a useful tool for dealing with text data. They allow us to slice and dice strings, and useful extract information in our applications.

Regex is also complex, and many developers will spend their entire career looking up even the most trivial of regex operations. This course will help improve your regex skills, and teach a solid core of useful tools that you can use every day with confidence!

Course Content

Get Started with Regular Expressions in JavaScript

Find Plain Text Patterns using Regular Expressions

Use Regular Expressions to Find Repeated Patterns

Use Character Classes in Regular Expressions

Use Shorthand Regular Expression Character Classes

Create Capture Groups in Regular Expressions

Use Lookaheads in Regular Expressions

Find the Start and End of Words with Regular Expression Word Boundaries

Match the Same String Twice with Backreferences in Regular Expressions

Find Patterns at the Start and End of Lines with Line Anchors in Regular Expressions

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