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Last updated on February 29, 2024 3:14 am

This app development course explains how to develop, test and deploy scalable web applications with JavaScript and Docker on the Amazon Web Services platform.

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Docker provides a useful infrastructure solution for developing and deploying apps while Amazon Web Services is an inexpensive, feature-rich cloud platform for hosting apps and data. The two services yield a handy solution for developing and managing apps when used in tandem. In this short course, we will combine the power of AWS and Docker containers in developing, testing and deploying scalable web applications. Sign up today!

What You Will Learn In This Free Course

  • Explain the function of ECS in manag…
  • Recall the function of various compo…
  • Outline the benefits of interacting …
  • Summarise the process for installing…
  • Explain the function of ECS in managing Docker apps on AWS
  • Recall the function of various components of ECS
  • Outline the benefits of interacting with AWS using the CLI over the user interface
  • Summarise the process for installing Docker on various platforms
  • Discuss the function of an S3 bucket in AWS
  • Distinguish between Amazon’s ECR and RDS services
  • Recall the process for creating and destroying rails models using AWS
  • Identify the factors that determine the cost of using AWS to host a web application
  • Explain the process for pushing an image to a private ECR registry
  • Recall the options for updating a running web application with Docker
  • Recognise commands for creating and interacting with production clusters
  • Introduction and Setting Up

    In this module, you will learn about Amazon ECS service, and see how it ranks among competitors. You will also learn to set up the needed developer environment for developing and deploying the Rails app with Docker and AWS. Finally, you will learn about the various components of the ECS service and its functions.

    Developing the Web Application

    In this module, we will focus on using Docker to develop the Ruby on Rails application that would be deployed on AWS. You will learn to dockerise an application and run it locally, as well as how to configure Nginx and set up S3 buckets. Also, you will be introduced to pricing in AWS and learn techniques to reduce the cost of hosting your app.

    Deploying the Web Application

    In this module, we will go over the process involved in deploying a dockerised application on AWS. You will learn to create production clusters, spin multiple containers, schedule services, and automate deployments with a script. Also, you will learn to link your app to a domain name, and create free SSL certificates with ACM.

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      Scaling an App with Docker on AWS
      Scaling an App with Docker on AWS
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