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Learn how RxJS simplifies your code and makes it flexible for adding more asynchronous pieces. Build a game app step-by-step, using operators like SwitchMap, TakeUntil, Scan, and more. Discover how to handle multiple streams, combine them, and add conditional logic. Complete streams, log them, and render DOM. With RxJS, you can easily work with asynchronous code.

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RxJS is tremendously helpful in working with asynchronous code, but you’ve probably been stuck trying to use concepts you already know from Promises or Callbacks and applying them directly to RxJS. These lessons walk you through the step-by-step of building a simple game application with many asynchronous pieces. Each lesson focuses on a single operator or idea of how RxJS helps simplify your code as well as making you code flexible enough to easily add more asynchronous pieces as your codebase grows.

Course Content

Starting a Stream with SwitchMap

Stopping a Stream with TakeUntil

Updating Data with Scan

Displaying Initial Data with StartWith

Changing Behavior with MapTo

Handling Multiple Streams with Merge

Refactoring Composable Streams in RxJS

Getting Input Text with Map

Combining Streams with CombineLatest

Adding Conditional Logic with Filter

Completing a Stream with TakeWhile

Handling a Complete Stream with Reduce

Logging a Stream with Do

Timer and Input Recap

Refactoring CombineLatest to WithLatestFrom

Resubscribing to a Stream with Repeat

Basic DOM Rendering with Subscribe

Sharing Streams with Share

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    Step-by-Step Async JavaScript with RxJS
    Step-by-Step Async JavaScript with RxJS
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