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Explore the importance of sustainability in the extractive sector and address challenges using a sustainability framework with this course from SUMEX and Vienna University of Economics and Business.

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Who is the course for?

This course is designed for leaders, managers and stakeholders in the mineral extractive industry who want to learn about the challenges, solutions and new developments in sustainability.

It will be especially useful for public administrators and industry practitioners wishing to understand and implement sustainability management at any stage of the mining life cycle from exploration to post-closure. This course may also benefit those interested in the importance of raw materials for a sustainable future and the challenges connected to them.

What topics will you cover?

The societal relevance of mineral extraction for the transition towards a greener economy.

Sustainability approaches and key-challenges in the extractive industry, especially in the European context, and how to address them from a public policy and industry perspective.

Potential solutions based on practical examples, which can be applied across Europe.

The application of state of the art sustainability concepts at the operational level.

Methodological approaches to analyse and understand systemic change towards sustainability (Leverage Points & Institutional Resource Regime).

Example syllabus of week 3 – Land use planning

Introduction to Land use planning

Learn what to expect from this week and how to understand the main questions we are asking.

Expert insights

Listen to Sybil Berne and Thomas Hartmann talk about the importance of land policy to balance costs and benefits of extractive projects and participate in the Q&A session.

Highlighting real life practices

Learn about the real-life application of the Institutional Resource Regime approach on the example of metal mining and reindeer herding in Sweden.


Check your knowledge on the topics that were covered during this week by taking this week’s Quiz.

Outlook and recap

Remind yourself of the topics that were covered during this week.

What will you achieve?

By the end of the course, you‘ll be able to…

Reflect on the importance of a coherent approach to sustainability framework in the extractive sector

Explain the societal relevance of raw material extraction

Investigate the main pillars of sustainable extractive management

Apply sustainability frameworks for mineral extraction to different institutional and local contexts

Identify and evaluate good practices in the extractive industry in a critical manner

Discuss with experts and peers the current state and related challenges of the European extractive sector

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    Sustainable Management in the Extractive Industry
    Sustainable Management in the Extractive Industry
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