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Last updated on March 2, 2024 12:20 am

Learn Swift to create a wide range of iOS 10 applications in this app development course that updates your skills to keep up with the new features of Swift 3.

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Swift language is now replacing all the other languages in developing iOS applications. Swift 3.0 is the latest release since the language was made open-source by Apple and boasts many new advanced features. This course, ?Swift 3 Programming using iOS 10 Features?, is a masterclass designed to help modernise your talents, taking you through all the developments and refinements in Swift 3.0 and upgrading your Swift coding skills.

What You Will Learn In This Free Course

  • Explain how to implement iOS 10 feat…
  • Outline the structure or syntax of a…
  • Describe how to use Swift 3 syntax f…
  • Define the fundamentals of Swift 3 L…
  • Explain how to implement iOS 10 features with Swift 3
  • Outline the structure or syntax of a Swift 3 program
  • Describe how to use Swift 3 syntax fluently
  • Define the fundamentals of Swift 3 Language
  • Discuss how to optimise your app for the app store
  • Describe the Coding and Programming skills for 1OS 10 with Swift
  • Introduction to Swift 3 Language Concepts

    In this module, you start with the fundamentals of Swift and learn to create a project by adding UI layout and auto layout by wiring it up and understanding the syntax in Swift 3. You will get familiar with swift elements like conditionals, enum, arrays, pickerview, and the switch statement. You then are hand-walked to build a module dedicated app.

    Classes and Methods in Swift 3 Language

    This module dug into the function, creation and application of classes and methods in Swift 3. Start learning the use of table views and feeding it with data into an application created for our learning. You then get into classes and see how to put a code and understand its use. You then are guided to build a module-dedicated app.

    Message Integrations, Notifications and Sirikit

    This module first gets you to understand iMessage and integrate this extension with your application. You then get familiar with notifications, types, and utilisation. Move on to learn about Sirikit and its implementation. Then get engaged with a project by applying the features and elements you learned with downloadable instructions and codes.

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      Swift 3 Programming using iOS 10
      Swift 3 Programming using iOS 10
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