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Explore the different types of cyber threat and effective security policies in this two-week online cyber security course from Coventry University.

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Who is the course for?

This course is for anyone who is keen to increase their knowledge of digital security risks and the tools and techniques used to guard against them.

If you want to further your knowledge, you may be interested in these courses. They’re from the same provider and share the same overall learning outcomes:

Risk Management and Security Vulnerabilities

Information Security Policy and Management

Cryptography and Digital Certificates

The Future of Cyber Security and Emerging Technologies

What topics will you cover?

Current and emerging security implications

Networks and security, loss of the traditional LAN and LAN perimeter

Consumerisation of corporate technology through apps, tablets and smartphones

Client-side threats, web-server security, web-applications security

Operating system security

Concepts, problems, and issues related to modern technologies

What will you achieve?

By the end of the course, you‘ll be able to…

Demonstrate a systematic understanding of relevant knowledge about organisations, their external context and how they are managed

Demonstrate an understanding of the changing cyber threat landscape and the developments in cyberspace

Apply knowledge to a range of situations including IT security, finance, accounting, and organisational behaviour, taking account of the inter-relationships of these topics and their interactions with the business and the industry and external environment

Demonstrate an understanding of appropriate techniques sufficient to allow detailed investigation into relevant cybersecurity management issues

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    The Cyber Security Landscape
    The Cyber Security Landscape
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