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This course helps learners to have a better understanding of time management principles and be in control of life events, in order to increase productivity

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This course is part of the Success Skills and Self-improvement Specialization!

Time Management is one of the most basic skills that any person needs to possess nowadays. How can you you have better time management skills? This course helps the learner to have a better understanding of principles of time management and be in control of life events, in order to increase productivity and achieve well-being in life. Additionally, the course offers skills and competencies to overcome time wasters and guidelines to do the most important things, hence experience true sense of achievement, whether in school or at work or in life generally.

Challenge yourself and change your bad time management habits into habits that can advance your career, and distinguish you in your circle. Time should never be your enemy but a tool that you can harness to increase your productivity. Productivity in its turn can boost your sense of accomplishment and open new doors to you to conquer new unbeaten paths.

The course comprises the following topics that will be discussed in the period of 4 weeks. Dr. Suhail has prepared each topic carefully to include practical exercises that will make changing your time management habits a piece of cake!

– Time management: definition, importance of time & productivity

– Sense of urgency & the value of moving now

– Effective planning

– Prioritizing & using the daily schedule effectively

– Defining obstacles to productivity & dealing radically with them

– Stress management & reaching well-being in life

What you’ll learn

How to decrease chaos in your life &amp

enhance control over life events.

How to elevate the sense of urgency &amp

stop procrastination.

How to increase productivity &amp

levels of performance.

How to achieve the most important things in life through proper prioritizing.

The importance on freeing ourselves to do what we like most.

How to overcome time wasters &amp

obstacles of productivity.

How to manage stress in our lives &amp

control tension that obstructs our well being.

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    Time and Stress Management
    Time and Stress Management
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