Torch-Fired Enameling: Luscious Color & Design




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Add captivating color and texture to your designs with artisan enameling techniques.

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Add captivating color and texture to your designs with artisan enameling techniques.

Mixing & Coloring Liquid Enamels

Meet your instructor Barbara Lewis and explore the dynamic world of torch-fired enameling! Learn the basics of liquid enamels and mix to a perfect consistency. Apply a base layer of liquid enamel and fire up your torch and heat gun to practice reaching and recognizing the right temperature.

Application & Design Techniques

Plan and design your piece with color inspiration from fabrics or books. Learn to sift 80-mesh enamel and layer colors to achieve the shade you want. Barbara demonstrates a technique to sgraffito, or scratch, a design into a piece. You’ll also learn how to use enamel threads for a dimensional look!

Painterly Effects

Use acrylic enamels for a painterly effect on your designs. Then attach a decal to your metal piece for a perfectly shaped design to fill with acrylic enamel! Barbara details how to mix and use the acrylics to paint a pretty flower. Then, fire the acrylics and brighten the colors with a clear coat.

Etched & Stenciled Designs

Create beautiful etched and rubber stamped designs using Barbara’s tips and techniques to create an etched inlay effect. Use ferric chloride to achieve the etched design with Barbara’s help. You’ll also discover how to use stencils to create shapes quickly and easily with a black overglaze enamel.

Sculptural Mesh Designs

Explore the many uses behind copper mesh to create stunning dimensional designs. Barbara teaches you a variety of ways to construct copper mesh through pleating and creasing for a new look in your jewelry. Then, use white and clear enamel to cover and soften the edges for a gorgeous finish.

Working With Precious Metals

Start working with silver and gold! Use blue enamel on both fine and sterling silver to see the different effects of enameling each kind of metal. Then, cut and attach a pretty gold foil leaf to a design for an extra punch of color. Barbara also shows you how to resurrect a piece gone awry.

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    Torch-Fired Enameling: Luscious Color & Design
    Torch-Fired Enameling: Luscious Color & Design
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