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Learn how to expose JavaScript functions as APIs with ease using Serverless. Bridge the gap between writing and deploying powerful APIs in the cloud. Start expanding your career possibilities today!

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If you are a JavaScript developer, it is safe to assume that you have written more JavaScript functions than you can remember.

How are those functions being consumed?

Most functions are written to exist within a particular and limited scope.

What if you needed to expose that function to another team or even the world?

Historically, this would introduce an incredible amount of complexity as you try to navigate the logistics of spinning up an infrastructure to handle such a request. The amount of time, capital, and skills required to extend a function generally was just too prohibitive and overwhelming to allow the idea to go much further than a thought exercise.

Serverless has leveled the playing field by orchestrating all of the infrastructure needed to expose a function as an API on our behalf. As a result, the distance between a function and an endpoint no longer feels like traversing a canyon but more like crossing the street. ????

Most frontend developers have an incredibly superficial understanding of how deploying projects actually work and, as a result, are limited to their ability to surface functionality in a meaningful and consumable way.

In this course, you are going to prove that the distance between function and endpoint is not nearly as far as one would think and you’ll realize that you already have the core skillsets to create and deploy powerful APIs into the cloud.

Lukas will show you how to make the connection between function and endpoint in a few concrete and practical steps. It will help you bridge the pain point between knowing how to write functions but being incapable of deploying them for consumption.

When you are finished, you will look at a function and say to yourself, “Hey! I can deploy that!”

Because if you can expand your perception of possibilities beyond your local environment and into the cloud, all sorts of interesting things for your career start to emerge on the horizon. 🙂

Course Content

How Decoupling Has Driven Frontend Architecture

Create an Endpoint With AWS Lambda and API Gateway

Deploy an AWS Lambda Function with the Serverless Framework

Create a Mock API Endpoint Using Faker and Serverless

Trigger a Custom Webhook with a Serverless Function

Scrape a Webpage with a Serverless Function

Generate a PDF From a Lambda Function and Store It on AWS S3

Create Lambda Step Functions in the AWS Console

Course Outro: Taking AWS Further

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    Transform Local JavaScript Functions into Serverless API Endpoints
    Transform Local JavaScript Functions into Serverless API Endpoints
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