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Arrays of data is one of the first things we learn about as programmers. Collections of information are a fundamental building block of most programming languages.

JavaScript is no exception. In this series, we will explore JavaScript (es6) array methods. We will slice, join, map, and reduce our way to better understanding of the powerful array methods that modern JavaScript delivers.

Course Content

Use Concat to Add Values to an Array

Combine Values of an Array into a String with Join

Check if a Value is in an Array with indexOf

Create a Shallow Copy of an Array with Slice

Sort an Array Alphabetically or Numerically

Filter an Array with Truthy Values

Use Some as a Ternary Operator or Conditional

Add Elements onto an Array with Push

Modify Values in an Array with Map

Validate Data with the Every() Method

Produce a single value from an Array with reduce

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    Understand JavaScript Arrays
    Understand JavaScript Arrays
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