Understanding JavaScript’s Prototypal Inheritance








Learn the mechanics of inheritance in JavaScript with this course. Discover how prototypes work as chained references to other objects, making your code faster and bug-free. Explore topics like prototype delegation, object composition, and polymorphism. Improve your coding skills today!

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How do inherent prototypes work?

You might not think this question applies to you, especially if you come from a classical background. But if you use objects, functions, or arrays, you’re probably already using prototypes, and can benefit from learning the logic behind them.

This course explores the mechanics of inheritance in JavaScript by showing how prototypes work as chained references to other objects. Learn to take full advantage of prototype shortcuts to make your work simpler and faster…and debug them if you hit a snag.

We’ll explore:

Develop the knowledge needed to use inheritance for faster, better, bug-free code.

Course Content

Introduction to Prototypal Inheritance in JavaScript

Link to Other Objects through the JavaScript Prototype Chain

Prototype Delegation with JavaScript’s new Keyword

Understanding the .constructor property on JavaScript Objects

Understand JavaScripts this keyword within Prototypes

Use JavaScript’s for-in Loop on Objects with Prototypes

Compose Objects with Object.assign to Create a Direct Copy

Understanding Prototype Delegation within JavaScript’s Class Keyword

Assign and Access Methods of a JavaScript Class with Static Properties

Determine an Object’s Constructor with JavaScripts instanceof Operator

Create Factory Functions for Object Composition

Use Polymorphism with Prototype Linked Objects

Replicate JavaScript Constructor Inheritance with Simple Objects (OLOO)

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    Understanding JavaScript’s Prototypal Inheritance
    Understanding JavaScript’s Prototypal Inheritance
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