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Learn the secrets of the UX hiring process and how to stand out as a junior designer. Master UX interviews and whiteboard challenges with real-life examples. Get the UX Portfolio Playbook as a bonus. Perfect for UX designers looking to land their dream job.

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What you’ll learn

  • A full breakdown the UX hiring process: who, what, when, and why
  • Insights to what UX Hiring Managers look for
  • Understand how to get hired as a UX designer
  • Learn how to leverage your inexperience as a junior UX designer

UX Interviews Masterclass

In 1 hour, you’ll learn how to walk into your next UX interview, with confidence, and get hired.

Your instructors, Chris & Bri, have aggregated everything they’ve learned over the years interviewing and paired it with their experiences building design hiring processes at startups & Fortune 500s.

They’ll give you the inside scoop: their process, their stories, and tips to get your next UX job.

In module 1, The Full UX Hiring Process:

  • What a typical hiring looks like

  • How to impress your hiring manager

  • How to cater to your hiring audience

  • What most hiring managers look for

  • When do companies hire & why

  • How to stand out as a junior UX designer

In module 2, The Secrets of UX Interviews:

  • UX interviews pro tips

  • The most common interview questions asked

  • Questions you should be asking during UX interviews

  • What to avoid during interview with real life examples

  • How to nail your next UX interview

In module 3, Mastering Whiteboard Challenges:

  • Why Whiteboard Challenges are needed

  • How hiring manager evaluate Whiteboarding

  • How to standout during Whiteboarding with real life examples

  • What to avoid during Whiteboarding with real life examples

  • Questions you should be asking during Whiteboard Challenges

  • How to nail your next Whiteboard Challenge

Get UX Portfolio Playbook as a BONUS

✔ Self-paced guide (lifetime access)

✔ Learn: job search, application, hiring process

✔ Portfolio tools, template, checklist

✔ Case study example & template

✔ Job tracking tool

✔ LinkedIn best practices

✔ Power resume phrases

✔ UX Process & Activities guide

✔ Additional resources

Who this course is for:

  • UX designers not passing the first round of the hiring process
  • Junior UX designers and inexperienced interviewees
  • UX designers not getting a call back on their application
  • People transitioning into UX design
  • UX designers looking for a position in UX

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    UX Interviews Masterclass
    UX Interviews Masterclass
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