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Start a blog and make money following the step-by-step advice and tips in this easy-to-access online course for bloggers.

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Start a blog and make money following the step-by-step advice and tips in this easy-to-access online course for bloggers.

You know you should blog because you are full of super ideas that you want to share. You realize how much your business will benefit from having a blog. You know blogging is a positive way to build your personal brand or your business. You love to write but you’re not sure how to monetize your content.

But how do you create a blog? How do you make sure your blog pays you and you’re not paying out for it?

We set up this online course to encourage and inspire you to start a blog successfully.

Around 3 out of 4 internet users regularly read blogs and 3 out of 4 websites are either blogs or contain blogs. So blogging makes sense as a way for you to make your mark on the online world.

Following the step-by-step guide to blogging, you’ll be able to:

Start your own blog on WordPress in next to no time

Set up and create your blog

Know how to find more followers

Monetize your blog in different ways

Know what content to create

Use social media marketing for blogging

Get ready to choose your niche, pick your blog name, set up your WordPress blog, add plugins, publicize your blog and make money online.

Whether you want a personal blog, business blog, become a freelance blogger for other companies or get a blogging job and earn an average salary of $32,800 according to Glassdoor, our course is the perfect place to start.


Following all the steps on how to start a blog, you will:

Decide what you want to achieve by writing a blog and find your niche

Test your blog ideas to find out if they’re profitable

Stay motivated to carry on blogging

Set up your WordPress blog and add plugins

Know what to blog about and find the best topics to write about

Write your blog posts

Start podcasts

Attract visitors to your blogs

Use social media marketing for bloggers

Know how to start a blog and make money using affiliate marketing, pay-per-click, sponsorship and product reviews, for example

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    WordPress Website & Blog Builder
    WordPress Website & Blog Builder
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