Workplace Wellbeing: How to Build Confidence and Manage Stress








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Discover workplace wellbeing through stress management, building self-esteem, task prioritisation, and healthy relationships.

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Who is the course for?

This workplace wellbeing course is aimed at anyone who faces challenges of stress or low self-esteem at work.

It would benefit those who face workplace stress in their current roles, as well as jobseekers anxious about returning or entering the workplace.

What topics will you cover?

The course explores three key themes which each address the overarching issue of surviving the workplace. These themes include managing stress, managing tasks, and improving self-confidence and self-worth. Throughout the course you will explore

How your physical and emotional wellbeing contributes to stress, and what changes you can make to reduce your stress and improve your quality of life in the workplace.

How to reduce your workload by way of prioritizing tasks and effort spent on completing tasks while maintaining a healthy and professional relation to work and colleagues.

The different roles and responsibilities in the workplace and what you can do to improve your situation by navigating common pitfalls and misunderstandings.

Your self-worth and how you can work to improve your self-confidence, develop your skills, and gain a better understanding of your importance in the workplace.

What will you achieve?

By the end of the course, you‘ll be able to…

Identify undesired personal reactions to typical workplace situations.

Reflect upon ways to improve your personal wellbeing at the workplace.

Understand how certain behavior affects others and learn how to use this understanding to improve work relations and your own situation at the workplace.

Develop a toolbox of helpful strategies and tactics to use in order to reduce stress and to improve your wellbeing at the workplace.

Discover your self-worth and your importance at the workplace.

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    Workplace Wellbeing: How to Build Confidence and Manage Stress
    Workplace Wellbeing: How to Build Confidence and Manage Stress
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