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Learn how to decorate a cake for a special occasion in these baking lessons that teach you the recipes, ingredients and techniques behind famous cake designs.

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Cake decoration is vital because the first impression matters in the cake business. Seldom do you attend birthday celebrations, weddings or any significant event without seeing an elaborate cake on display. Cake decorating uses ingredients such as icing and creative methods to make a plain cake more visually appealing. This course will teach you innovative ideas and strategies to get you started in cake decorating.

What You Will Learn In This Free Course

  • Recall the history of cake decoratin…
  • Explain the development of icing two…
  • Discuss the rules of cake baking…
  • Recognise famous decorating recipes …
  • Recall the history of cake decorating
  • Explain the development of icing two hundred years ago
  • Discuss the rules of cake baking
  • Recognise famous decorating recipes and how to make them
  • Categorise cakes by ingredients and mixing method
  • Explain the requirements for frosting and icing a cake
  • Recognise the various kinds of glazes used in cake decorating
  • Discuss piping techniques and how to choose piping nozzles
  • Describe how to write on a cake
  • Cake Decoration, Frosting and Icing

    In this module, you will learn about the history of the origin of cake decorating and how cake decorating has evolved over the years from 54 BC in the Roman empire to the 21st Century. The module will also teach you the rules of cake baking, cake decorating recipes, types of cakes, frosting and icing, and working with different pastes.

    Working with Glazes, Piping and Writing

    Glazes are used to spice up cakes. In this module, you will learn about various kinds of glazes, ingredients, and preparation. You will also learn how to stack a cake, the need to stabilize a stacked cake, how to assemble the tiered cake, covering the cake boards, piping techniques, and nozzles, basic royal icing piping, and writing on cakes.

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      Cake Decoration – Ideas and Techniques
      Cake Decoration – Ideas and Techniques
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