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Take a culinary trip around the world with our gluten-free recipes. Start serving amazing gluten-free meals bursting with flavor and color.

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Take a culinary trip around the world with our gluten-free recipes. Start serving amazing gluten-free meals bursting with flavor and color.

Looking for everyday gluten-free meals that are tasty, affordable and easy to cook? Seeking inspiration for a really banging, delicious, gluten-free recipe for a special occasion? Our video cooking course has got your back.
Avoiding gluten is an everyday necessity for 3 million people with celiac disease in the US. It’s a serious disorder whereby gluten damages the small intestine. A further 18 million US people are sensitive to gluten – a protein found in wheat, rye and barley – according to a US News report. For them, eating gluten can trigger symptoms as diverse as bloating, headaches or skin problems.
Whether you’re going gluten-free out of necessity or as a lifestyle choice, you deserve to enjoy delicious meals packed full of flavor. Chef Cynthia Louise has compiled inspirational gluten-free recipes so you can create amazing meals such as a yummy pasta sauce, flavorsome Thai red curry and a rich, dairy-free mushroom risotto.
As you’ll see in her videos, Chef Cynthia loves cooking. She has a creative gift for being able to take any recipe and turn it into a healthy, tasty meal for everyone to enjoy.
Turn your back on the over-priced gluten-free products on the supermarket shelves – did you realize gluten-free foods are 159% more expensive than regular food? Welcome Chef Cynthia and her fabulous budget-friendly, gluten-free recipes into your kitchen. Start cooking now.


You’ll be creating meals without gluten which are huge on flavor. Using fresh readily-available ingredients you’ll be tucking into yummy meals which are good for you.
In these video cooking classes, Chef Cynthia brings together 20 step-by-step recipes that are easy to follow and simple to prepare. This course enables you to take control of your health by knowing exactly what you’re putting into your body.
Chef Cynthia grew up in Papua New Guinea eating local plants and natural sweeteners. She didn’t grow up with diets, processed sugar or dairy. Now she’s bringing her healthy cooking tips to you, so you can enjoy wholesome, lip-smackingly tasty meals without the nasties too.
Following the course, you’ll discover how to:

prepare meals for any time of the day without using gluten

get creative with fresh ingredients from your local supermarket, costing far less than gluten-free foods bought in the store

make creamy, delicious sauces without dairy

create gastronomical delights from 5-minute wonders to full-blown dinners

cook with confidence knowing your meals are 100% gluten-free

be inspired to try new tastes and flavors from around the world

find a delicious and simple way to eat healthily

break out of your comfort zone to add new recipes to your meal planner

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