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Transform Your Health Through What You Eat

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Transform Your Health Through What You Eat

This is not a diet, it’s a way of living. Heal your body through plant-based eating with simple, fresh ingredients from your local supermarket and without depriving yourself of full flavor! Did you know that 95% of all dieters will regain the weight they lose within one year? And that people who follow a plant-based diet are found to have lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels and a lower risk of heart disease, stroke, cancers, type-2 diabetes and inflammation? And if you think healthy wholefood cooking is boring and bland, think again! In this course Chef Cynthia Louise is here to help you change your relationship with food for good. This is not a quick fix or a 2 week crash diet, this is a lifestyle change. She shows you step-by-step on video how to create healthy whole food meals with smack you in the face flavor and accessible ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen. From quick 10-minute meals to wholefood feasts, you’ll learn how to make a mixture of old classics turned healthy and new exotic dishes all guilt free, nourishing and absolutely mouth-watering. You’ll be able to taste and feel the difference in your body after just one meal

“Chef Cynthia! You have changed my life. I love how my meals are now filled with even more colours and plant based goodness that feeds the mind, body and soul – all inspired by you!” – ASHER BOEKEMAN

“Being a mum who wants to feed my family nourishing and healthy but tasty food has always been a struggle for me. Fast forward to Chefs Online Cooking Classes and there is now a race to get to the table, my 14th month rubs her tummy nodding her head saying yum….. another FECKIN AWESOME MEAL!! Thanks Chef” – MICHELLE HUNT

Chef Cynthia Louise ignites the cooking flame…creating delicious, soul filled and nourishing food that comes straight from Mother Nature onto the plate. She puts so much love and energy into her creations, its hard not to smile when eating her meals! I love her food, her passion and her message of keeping it real with nature! – HAYLEY WEATHERBURN


From this course you’ll learn how to heal and nourish your body from the inside out by creating meals with big flavors with simply fresh ingredients that you can get from your local supermarket. Chef Cynthia brings you 30 step-by-step whole food recipes that are easy to follow and don’t require much time at all to prepare. This course is more than just learning recipes. It’s a course to teach you how to take control of YOUR health and wellbeing with everyday wholefood meals. She is a professional, qualified plant-based whole food chef that has been working in the health and wellness industry for over 15 years. She supports every-day people and strives to help them gain their health and vitality back without diets, food fads or trends. During this course you’ll learn how to:
prepare over 30 delicious whole food recipes that your family friends will love
use fresh ingredients that you can find at your local supermarket (no running to multiple health food stores or ordering an exotic item online)
make simple ingredient substitutions to cater to dietary requirements
make creamy rich sauces without dairy
master 5-minute recipes to whole food feasts
ditch refined sugar and how to use natural sweeteners like maple syrup, honey and fruit save time with simple kitchen tips and tricks
understand how each meal is nourishing you
cook consciously and bring more energy to your meals
store leftovers to keep it for longer
use new flavor combinations from around the world
heal your health with a simple and delicious whole food lifestyle

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    Introduction to Whole Food Cooking
    Introduction to Whole Food Cooking
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