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Love landscape and nature photography? Add some technical know-how to your skill set such as exposure, composition, and editing techniques in Adobe Lightroom.

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Do you love photography and want to level-up your technical skills? This free online photography course can help you do just this with the help of Adobe Lightroom. Get ready to learn all you need to know about these crucial photography elements. You will learn the step-by-step practical procedures of finding the right exposure and composition for your images as well as which editing tools in Adobe Lightroom to use to create visual masterpieces.

What You Will Learn In This Free Course

  • Define the term, “expose to the righ…
  • Discuss how to combine elements to g…
  • Describe how to frame an image when …
  • Recognize the basic composition skil…
  • Define the term, “expose to the right” and the impact of exposing to the right in nature and landscape photography
  • Discuss how to combine elements to get the best out of composition
  • Describe how to frame an image when looking at different perspectives
  • Recognize the basic composition skills needed in capturing images
  • Explain how to use S and Z curves to create leading lines
  • State the relationship between leading lines and diagonals
  • Distinguish wide angle photography from telephoto photography
  • Explain how to create better composition using telephoto lens
  • Describe how to create scales using different focal ranges and framing
  • Exposure and Composition

    In this module, we are going to practically learn about exposure, what it means to expose to the right and its impact on photography. Then we will learn the effects of natural light on photography. We will also look at different Apps that we can use to know the best time of the day to capture an image.

    Advanced Composition and Editing

    In this module, we are going to learn about wide-angle photography, telephotography, focus stacking, using foreground elements. Then we will proceed to cap all the knowledge, hard work, and skills we have learned in capturing our nature and landscape images in postproduction, with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom software.

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      Landscape Photography – Exposure & Editing
      Landscape Photography – Exposure & Editing
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